Excellent Work! Great group of guys.

"This is my 2nd time working with Accent Roofing, and for good reason. They do absolutely excellent work, and are a great group of guys".
- D. Johns

Affordable, Reliable, Professional

"Accent Roofing helped us with our 16,000sq ft warehouse, installing a new roof. It's apparent that they really know their stuff. Affordable, reliable, and professional. Truly a wonderful job! Thanks again."
- Sue L.

Thank You So Much!

"I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I think you are. My dear friends with their daughter Crystal were in such a bind, with a hole in their roof. You have no idea how difficult this hole made life for them. Thank you so much for your kindness. I do not have any roofing needs, but I am thrilled each time I tell this story, about Accent Roofing helping my friends. Bravo!!"
- Catherine Poirier

Nothing but Professional on the Job Site

"Very happy with our 18,000 sq ft section plan to have Accent back to finish the other two areas as well. Thanks to all the Accent workers for keeping the worksite safe and clean, throughout the process."
- K. Ball, I.N.T.

These Guys Were the Best!

"They made sure everything was clean and were so nice. Great people to deal with, thank you!"
- R. Bazwisski
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